Before Mars by Variable

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Variable is one of the most anticipated Production companies to rise up in the past few years. Their unique stile they implement in all their productions has found its way in to a 30 minute long short movie.

“Before Mars” complements the highly anticipated National Geographic global event series “Mars” from Academy Award and Emmy winning producers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Michael Rosenberg.

It is human nature to thrive on connection. We are on a constant search to feel linked to the world around us, to find a place where we belong and take refuge there. So what happens when we feel like an outsider? What happens when the lines of “home” are blurred and you aren’t sure where you fit in this world?

“Before Mars” is a heartwarming narrative that explores the themes of self discovery, belonging and family. For those of us who have a wanderer’s soul, our idea of “home” is one that can constantly change. But there is one thing that remains the same, at the end of the day, no matter where our adventures lead us, we can always find our home with the ones we love.